EmergencyToilets.com  Sanitation Tips

We Make Sure the Sanitation Products Will Meet Your Needs

The Model FPT 300 or FPTW 300 waterless folding portable toilet will contain all the supplies to meet your disaster preparedness requirements without service for 72 hours.  You will not need outside sanitation service for the first 72 hours.







    Storage of Twelve

     Model FPT 300 Units
        86" x 86" x 86"
   Stored in Holding Tank
We Include a Supply of Consumables in each Model FPT 300

Toilet Tissue and Portable Toilet Deodorizer are basic consumables included with the patented folding

portable toilet. There are optional dispensers and consumables that can be included with each patented

folding portable toilet.




Model FPT 300 Options and Add Ons
We have a great many optional conversion and add-on kits that will both enhance your sanitation experience and promote safe hygiene.
Store the Folding Portable Toilets in Multiple Locations 

Since storing the Model FPT 300 requires such a small footprint and can be used much like the prevalent fire extinguisher, it soon will become an obvious positive force in your disaster preparadness planning.  Immediate access to the folding porta potties must always be a prime consideration for fire, flood, tornado, hurricane and earthquake disasters.


Have a Predetermined Model FPT 300 Deployment Plan

It is a good policy to review your sanitation deployment

plan from time to time. 

Simple, Deployment, Assembled, Potty
Toilet Paper, Chemicals, Deodorizers, Ready to Use
Free, Consumables, Option, Hand Sanitizers, Toilet Paper

Standard with FTP 300

Optional Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Include Consumables