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SJHD 450 Full Sized
Portable Toilet​
  • 44" x 44" x 89"  1.12m x 1.12m x 2.26m

  • Double Aluminum Corners

  • Translucent Roof

  • Treated Wood Floor & Skid

  • 68 Gallon Tank (258 Liters)

  • Aluminum DoorJamb

  • Hand Sanitizer with Refill

  • 9" Toilet Roll  Holder with Paper

  • Ships 80 to a 40' Shipping Container, 80% assembled

Porta John® Portable Toilets

Green John GJ 350​
Portable Toilet
  • 41" x 41" x 84"  1.04m x 1.04m x 2.13m

  • FEMA Approved 65 Gallon (247 Liter) Holding Tank

  • Aluminum DoorJamb

  • Single 2" Aluminum covered Corners

  • Translucent Roof 

  • Ships 100 to a 40' Shipping Container, 80% assembled

Shower or Handicapped Toilet or Comfort Station


We offer a complet line of single and multiple stall ADA Complinat Lavatory stalls, combination toilet and shower stalls as well as fresh water flush comfort stations.


  • Wheel Chair Compatible Lavatories and Portable Toilets

  • Combination Flush Toilets and Shower Stalls

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portable, toilet, potty, porta loo, sanitation, metal corners
ADA compliant, shower, disabled potty, toilet and shower combination, change room